Initiated in 1999, BUILT ENVIRONMENT PRACTICE is an office with extensive experience in design and construction, emphasising environmentally sustainable strategies and advanced building technology. Based in the region of Australia between Brisbane and Byron Bay, BEP ceased operation in February 2015. Please visit Studio Workshop.

B.E.P. works on projects across a range of types and budgets, from small-scale residential extensions to new houses, housing developments, commercial/institutional buildings, and public spaces. Our collaborative approach includes work with a range of expert consultants to suit the demands of each project.

We strive to achieve creative results within the specific constraints of each project, delivering practical solutions without sacrificing the potential to create compelling buildings and spaces which are inspiring to experience.

Services include:
Building Design.eraseRoom: design/build project utilising digital fabrication,

University of Michigan 2003.

Urban Design.
Project Planning.
Council Approval Submissions.
Full Construction Documentation.
Tender Procurement.
3D Representation.
Consultant Coordination.